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MAY 2014

Bay Area Bullshit
PIG News Wire [05/31/14]

From our 'there they go again' news desk, we have a new outrage from the GLAAD BAAG coddling commies who are running Frisco. Taking intrusive into uncharted waters, San Francisco officials painted a bull's-eye on the family garage.

If you want a preview of how bad liberal totalitarianism will get if it prevails, have a look at San Francisco, where it already has. Among the many liberties you may have never appreciated until it has been taken away by the sort of micromanaging moonbats who preside over the Gay Area is the right to store your own stuff in your own garage:

Residents of the liberal city are banned from using their garage to store any personal property other than a vehicle. Chapter Six of the San Francisco Housing Code states, "Private and public storage garages in apartment houses and hotels shall be used only for storage of automobiles." Those who violate the law can be slapped with a $500 fine. [Moonbattery]

If they can do that with a family garage, why can't they tell a home owner what they can and can't have inside their home?

Heroic Advice
Source: PIG News Wire [05/24/14]

It happened at a recent meeting of the Porterville (Mexifornia). Someone launched a bullying=related trial balloon that featured 'a student program proposing safe zones around town with signs directing children to places where they could seek refuge from bullies.' Game, set, match? Nope.

Porterville Mayor Cameron Hamilton said he opposes bullying but thinks it is too often blamed for the world's problems. Hamilton said some people need to "grow a pair." [Fox]

Predictably, the usual suspects set their hair on fire. I'll spare you the 'think of the children' whines and give you this gem, instead:

Melissa McMurrey of Gay Porterville told KFSN-TV that she felt attacked by the mayor's comments. She said bullies often target young gay people.

That's right, darlin' it's all about YOU.

Colonista Coddling
Source: PIG News Wire [05/10/14]

In the fevered brains of the Progtards who infest the Mexifornia legislature in overwhelming numbers, giving a state driver's license to the Border Jumping Scumbag Invaders is an idea whose time has come. Uncle Sam played along, up to a point, but insisted that the Border Jumper license be easily distinguishable from a standard one. Why? Because the Border Jumper license is not a valid form of identification for such things as air travel.

The Sacramento Bee shared these pertinent particulars:

The federal government has rejected California's initial design for new driver's licenses to be offered to immigrants in the country illegally, saying the cards fall short of security safeguards.

Immigrant advocates embrace the licenses as a way to ensure immigrants can drive safely and without fear of reprisals. But they have expressed concern about what exactly the licenses will look like, fearing visually distinct licenses will amount to a scarlet letter branding the holder as being in the U.S. unlawfully.

That worry clashes with federal guidelines intended to guard against counterfeit or fraudulent documents. The REAL ID Act, passed in 2005, established minimum standards for drivers licenses and stipulated that licenses for residents without legal status must bear a distinctive marking. In Illinois, for example, immigrant drivers licenses carry a purple band.

California's solution was to have the licenses include the marking "DP," for "driver's privilege," rather than the standard "DL" signifying "driver's license," and language saying the card is ineligible for federal purposes. That did not pass muster.

The assholes running Mexifornia are shameless. SHAMELESS.

Source: PIG News Wire [05/10/14]

From our 'how did you get your head shoved that far up your ass' news desk PIG news whisks you off to Carson, a city in sunny Southern Mexifornia. Eager to hitch a ride on an especially crowded Zero Tolerance issue bus, the city's Elected Tormentors pulled a stinker out of their butt.

Sticking their noses where they don't belong, city council members are mulling a city ordinance that would, among other things, nail kindergarten tykes for a fine - first offense = $100 fine; second offense = $200 fine; third offense = criminal misdemeanor. And what, you ask is this dastardly crime?


The Carson City Council gave preliminary approval this week to an ordinance aimed at persons, including other youths, who cause anyone from kindergarten to age 25 to feel terrorized, harassed or threatened with no legitimate purpose.

A final vote is set for May 20, The Daily Breeze reported.

Fiddling fools? You better believe it.

MARCH 2014

Reviving Affirmative Action
Source: PIG News Wire [03/14/14]

In 1996 Mexifornia's dwindling cohort of rational adults mounted one final attack on affirmative action. Prop 209 which banned the useof race or gender in employment, contracting, and education passed and it has been under assault by Progtards, ever since.

Fast forward to the present and the Progtard dominated state legislature is poised to give it another go. Since they have super majorities in both chambers of the state legislature, it should be a slam dunk. It should be, but there's some unexpected resistence:

SCA 5, carried by Sen. Ed Hernandez, D-West Covina, would remove education from Proposition 209's provisions, thereby authorizing higher education to reintroduce affirmative action in student admissions.

The Senate's action sent the issue to the Assembly, which has 55 Democratic members, one more than theoretically required to place SCA 5 on the November ballot.

However, "theoretically" may be the operative word, because Asian rights groups are ginning up opposition, worried that restoration of affirmative action could slash admissions of Asian American students.

They are especially overrepresented, numerically, in the University of California, which has relatively low numbers of Latino and black students. There's much less disparity in the California State University system.

Asian Americans constitute about a third of UC students, nearly three times their proportion of California's population, and are about twice as numerous as Latinos, even though the latter have become California's largest ethnic group at nearly 40 percent.

Hernandez argues, "there has been a precipitous drop in the percentage of Latino, African American and Native American students at California public universities ... campuses becoming less diverse and qualified high school graduates being overlooked and ignored under Proposition 209."

Critics of the measure argue that Latino and black admissions have been rising, not falling, and that the reintroduction of affirmative action would be racial discrimination.

Last week, Asian rights groups staged a rally in Southern California to generate opposition, particularly among Asian American politicians in the Legislature, and appear to be gaining traction.

Assemblyman Ed Chau, D-Monterey Park, is publicly opposing SCA 5 and the Assembly's other Asian American members are being pressed to follow suit.

It wouldn't take much to sink it. There are just 55 Democrats in the Assembly. If two turn against SCA 5, it won't pass, given solid Republican opposition.

Moreover, it would be difficult to make any amendments to mollify opponents because they would have to be approved by the Senate. With two Democratic senators now on leave of absence due to criminal charges, the upper house's supermajority is in suspension. [SacBee].

Anything that gives Progtards a rash works for me.

Because They Can
Source: PIG News Wire [03/07/14]

In their vast ignorance, L.A.'s city council voted 14-0 to impose the same restrictions on E-Cigarettes that they impose on the real deal. Why did they ignore numerous reports which demonstrate, conclusively, that E-Cigarettes pose no health risk? They threw a lot of bullshit at the wall to justify this one.

Former police chief - now a councilman - Bernie Parks spouted demented drivel to excuse his antics. He worried that some day in the distant future some hidden danger would be exposed and experts would demand 'why didn't they do something'? Bullshit.

Another councilman gave a much more Orwellian answer. He bluntly stated that he didn't want 'the children' to see someone smoking an E-Cigarette and conclude that smoking is 'acceptable' behavior. Translation: YOU can't smoke that because, harmless as it is, I don't like it.

It sounds plausible enough, but I suspect there's more to it. I think it's money, as in tobacco taxes. The dirty little secret is this: the Nanny State might not want you to SMOKE cigarettes, but it does want you to BUY them...ka-ching. Is it possible that the growing popularity of E-Cigarettes is making a serious dent in cigarette sales? Is that the reason for this mindless bullshit?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Hell No, We Won't Let Him Go
Source: PIG News Wire [03/07/14]

His name is Rod Wright and he was found guilty of 8 felonies, in February 2014, by a Mexifornia jury. So what? So his cohorts at his place of work don't care, and are resisting efforts to evict him from his job. Where's the beef?

Rod Wright is a State Senator of the Jackass Party persuasion and his Donkey Clan chums won't let those evil, feckless, pachyderm punks evict him.

Senate Democrats on Thursday blocked a move to expel their Democratic colleague Sen. Rod Wright by sending a Republican proposal to the Rules Committee, where it could permanently stall.

Sen. Steve Knight, a Republican from Palmdale, introduced a resolution to expel Wright from the Senate because a jury found him guilty of eight felonies last month for lying about living in the district he represents.

"This will be precedent-setting," Knight said as debate on his measure was being quashed on a 21-13, mostly party-line vote.

"We have gone past any time period where someone has been convicted of a felony and not resigned."

Wright went on a paid leave of absence on Tuesday and has been removed from his committee assignments, causing Democratic Senate leader Darrell Steinberg to say the move to expel Wright would "make zero practical difference."
[Sacramento Bee]

Darrell Steinberg, the Harry Reid of Mexifornia's Jackass Party dominated State Senate, has spoken, and that's that. It's business as usual in Demoncrat dominated Mexifornia.


Inconvenient Truth of the Week
Source: PIG News Wire [02/28/14]

Mexifornia is in a drought, again. It's a recurring event, a fact which prompted prior Golden State administrations to invest money in a countermeasure which would help the state cope with a prolonged drought.

Why isn't it working? Why indeed.

The one thing that will mitigate droughts in California — a permanent feature of the state — is to restore the water flow from California's water-heavy north to farmers in the central and south. That's just what House Bill 3964, which passed by a 229-191 vote last week, does.

But Obama's plan is not to get that worthy bill through the Senate (where Democrats are holding it up) but to shovel pork to environmental activists and their victims, insultingly offering out-of-work farmers a "summer meal plan" in his package.

"We are not interested in welfare; we want water," Nunes told IBD this week. He and his fellow legislator Valadao are both farmers who represent the worst-hit regions of the Central Valley in Congress and can only look at the president's approach with disbelief.

"He's not addressing the situation," Valadao told us.

"They want to blame the drought for the lack of water, but they wasted water for the past five years," said Nunes.

The two explain that California's system of aqueducts and storage tanks was designed long ago to take advantage of rain and mountain runoff from wet years and store it for use in dry years. But it's now inactive — by design. "California's forefathers built a system (of aqueducts and storage facilities) designed to withstand five years of drought," said Nunes.

"We have infrastructure dating from the 1960s for transporting water, but by the 1990s the policies had changed," said Valadao.

Environmental special interests managed to dismantle the system by diverting water meant for farms to pet projects, such as saving delta smelt, a baitfish. That move forced the flushing of 3 million acre-feet of water originally slated for the Central Valley into the ocean over the past five years. [IBD]

When Barry visited, he refused to confront the painful truth that his Jackass Party is the reason for the water problems in the state. Instead of going there, he spouted demented Global Warming drivel. Thanks for nothing, dude.

Court Ruling of the Week
Source: PIG News Wire [02/15/14]

The notoriously Libertard 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, shocked this pagan scribbler, when it banged the gavel down on one of Mexifornia's gun laws.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said Thursday that California is wrong to require applicants to show good cause to receive a permit to carry a concealed weapon. The court ruled that all law-abiding citizens are entitled to carry concealed weapons outside the home for self-defense purposes.

The divided three-judge panel disagreed with two other federal appeals courts that have upheld permit rules similar to California's. [AP]

The 9th Circus got one right? Holy crap!


Lawsuit of the Week
Source: PIG News Wire [01/31/14]

If you don't know that the teacher's union is the 800 pound gorilla of Mexifornia politics, you know it now. Their ownership of the state legislature is one reason, it's virtually impossible to fire a teacher, no matter how much they deserve it. That suit of legislature installed armor is known as 'teacher-protection' laws.
Despite the foregoing ffun facts, someone is taking on the teachers:

The California case, Vergara v. California, was filed on behalf of nine schoolchildren, ages 8-17, from diverse backgrounds. The trial began Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court. The children, their lawyers and an education-reform group sponsoring the lawsuit seek to overturn five statutes in the state Education Code, which, together, protect even grossly ineffective teachers.

The statutes cover teacher tenure after only 18 months and a complex dismissal process that makes it virtually impossible to fire a teacher. The Legislature has declined to amend the law, given intense political pressure by unions for the state's public school teachers.

Consequently, districts simply retain ineffective teachers, sometimes, even paying them to quit. Los Angeles Unified – California's largest school district – employs approximately 36,000 teachers. Over a 10-year period, LAUSD has been able to dismiss only 11 teachers. Minimally, it takes four years to fire a teacher – usually, longer. Dismissal cases cost $284,932 to $404,806, and "exceptional cases" can run into the millions.

California school superintendents are supporting the Vergara plaintiffs in challenging the constitutionality of the teacher protections embedded in law. Tony Smith, former Oakland Unified superintendent, said, "[T]here's no way to protect kids with the current statute." LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy said, "It is a catastrophe for kids' lives."

Teachers unions are fighting the lawsuit as an attack on their professional rights. The crux of their argument is to cite poverty as the cause of ineffective learning, essentially "blaming the victim" – an argument disputed by facts. Additionally, they blame "insufficient funding" for schools and the need for more taxes. [O.C. Register]

I hope this Quixotean quest works. I'd love to see the teacher's union take one on the chin.

Source: PIG News Wire [01/18/14]

Laws have unintended consequences, even in a reality phobic Marxist Eden like tax hungry Los Angeles. Full of themselves and it, L.A. County's ruling Marxists decreed that all porn flick boinking filmed in the county must feature a condom on the stud's wang.

Looking around, porn producers turned their back on their venerable San Fernando Valley locations and headed for Las Vegas, which is much more user friendly:

* L.A.County: location permit$ costing hundreds of dollars, regular health checks.

* Clark County (Nevada): location permits cost a nominal fee, health permits not required.

Extend foot, take aim, fire at will. Smooth moves, L.A.

East Steals From West
Source: PIG News Wire [01/11/14]

Whenever someone compiles a list of states with the highest tax rates, the Empire State hovers near the top. It's so greedy, the one percenters are leaving in droves. Despite that, Governor Andrew Cuomo is mounting a campaign to lure businesses to his state from Mexifornia, a state that's always ahead of New York on the highest taxes list:

It is so bad that even New York is now trying to poach businesses from the Golden State.

….California's governor hasn't been nearly as dismissive of a television commercial promoting New York's business climate that aired here in the Golden State during December.

"With over $1 billion in new incentives and tax breaks, this is an economy that launched over 50,000 new businesses last year alone," the TV spot boasted. "Find out how to move or grow your business," it concluded.

Now, the commercial didn't directly mention the Golden State (perhaps out of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's deference to Brown, a fellow Democrat). But it almost certainly was a shot across California's bow.

I heard that ad this Christmas season, and even I was tempted to consider relocation. Then, I remembered:

But, I digress.

However, I will point out one of the most tempting aspects of the promotion was the "tax free zone" that was mentioned. The state's governor Andrew Cuomo explained the shockingly free-market concept he plans to implement thusly:

"I mean no taxes. That's what I mean when I say tax free – no business tax, no corporate tax, no franchise fee, no income tax," Cuomo told officials at the University at Buffalo.

Under the measure, any new business that sets up on or near a SUNY campus, or at selected private universities or state-owned properties will pay no taxes for up to ten years. After five years, high-wage earners will have to pay income taxes. The locations are mostly upstate.

And how successful has this bold, new vision been? The economy seems better, even though the plan didn't formally kick in until January 1st.

You know it's bad when New York calls you 'too expensive'.

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