Harvey Milk High School recently opened it's doors as the nation's first public school to cater to Genderally-Confused students. A high school just isn't complete until it has established itself as an athletic presence. We at PIG have stepped in to assist in the development of their athletic program.

• Packers
• Fudge Packers
• Flames (Apologies to the NHL Calgary Flames)
• Twinkies
• The Gay Blades (Hockey)
• The Biggus Dickus'
• The Phaaabulous Phighting Phalli


• Must perform the Kneel 'N Bob Maneuver while singing
  "Somewhere Over The Rainbow."
• BYOB - Bring Your Own Banana

• Softball: Pitchers and catchers only
• Football: Ends. The tighter, the better.


• UNIFORM: GLAAD-BAG's with pink berets and matching
  feather boas.
• Condoms/Lubricants mandatory. Just ask the school
   nurse or any instructor.
• Leather jock straps and sensible shoes mandatory for
   all male, female and she-male athletes.
• INSIGNIA: Pink Triangle
• MASCOT: The Pink Teletubby,


• To be decorated in late Art Deco with Day Spa look
  complete withpowder puff blue tiles and potpourri in
  each locker.


• Straight Guys with Queer Eyes


The Village People, silly.


• Head or Tail, doesn't matter to them, they go either way.

BE WARNED: Any team that finds itself in the same league as HMH, will no doubt find itself in a lose/lose situation. If you beat the panties off them, you'll be accused of homophobia. If you lose, you hang your head in shame for being known as the team that lost to a bunch of powder puffs.

Whether you call it self segregation, or Amerikan Balkanization, this phenomenon is, to put it bluntly, a voluntary Amerikan Apartheid that the properly-hyphenated impose upon themselves. It's as close to home as 'Koreatown', 'Chinatown', or 'Little Saigon', not to mention the local 'barrio' or 'hood'. Most often, Amerikan Apartheid is denoted by culturally-exclusive enclaves where immigrants saturate themselves in their 'native' culture including local businesses, newspapers, television stations and daily interactions all of which are conducted in their native language, instead of English. Denizens of these stateside colonies might spend their entire life in the USA without ever encountering a single word of English, without every encountering the 'real' America.

Another, much more destructive Amerikan Apartheid offshoot is Educational Apartheid, a practice that the properly-hyphenated embrace from the instant they arrive at their chosen Ivory Tower. Endemic throughout Amerika's Ivory Towers, Educational Apartheid is stage-managed by University officials via their multicultural affairs - diversity - departments. It begins with separate orientations based on immutable traits, orientations where individual identity is vilified and a university mandated group identity is assigned. It continues with group identity reinforcing, brainwashing-intensive student indoctrination sessions, sessions that are mandatory for all incoming students. It gathers irresistible momentum when, aided and abetted by school officials, properly-hyphenated students are conditioned to hang out at their racially segregated student centers, live in their racially segregated dorms, major in their assigned group's 'study discipline'. Educational apartheid isn't the be all, end all, of what's wrong with Amerika's Ivory Towers, but it's damn sure a prime mover that keeps the victim industry running rampant over our inalienable individual liberty.

Self Segregation is a full blown, frontal assault on the venerable Amerikan Melting Pot by the Korrectnik horde. There was a time, not too long ago, when these politically-correct pea-brains could get away with that crap but those days are over, now that PIG is around to expose this fetid bovine excrement.

American Heritage Dictionary
Apartheid: Any policy or practice of separating or segregating groups.


Adventures In Self-Segregation
| Front Page Magazine

A University of Colorado graduate student got up close and personal with self-segregation on her campus when she attempted to attend the Internalized Racism Workshop perpetrated by an student fee-funded, on-campus group called 'Stop The Hate on Campus' (SHOC). When our melanin-deficient heroine tried to enter, self-segregationist reality bitch-slapped her. That's right, she got turned away at the door by an event organizer because she's white:

'...He said the workshop was designed as a "safe space" for "People of Color" and that the presence of someone of our racial appearance would prevent an open and honest dialogue...' (Front Page Magazine)

I'm willing to bet that our graduate student wench learned more about race relations on campus in that brief encounter than she did during the two years she spent 'researching the role of race in higher education' (Front Page). Welcome to the real world, darlin'.

The Great Colonista Conversion
| Arizona Republic

A three-hankie item in this southwestern fishwrap bemoans the fate suffered by second, third and fourth generation Amexicans who never learned Spanish. Poor babies! I'm thinking that this wasn't an issue, until these Amexicans who happen to have a Spanish surname arrived at their chosen Ivory Tower. The moment these English-only Amexicans arrived, campus korrectniks started hounding them into trading in their individual identity for their assigned group label. No longer Amerikans, these newly baptized Hispanics, a.k.a. Latinos - a Colonista by any other name - finally got the message and now spew the prerequisite drivel about their 'native culture' and 'the necessity to learn Spanish'.

A few quotes from the Arizona Republic article illustrate this refried brain-fart:

"And even now in Arizona . . . it almost seems that you need to know Spanish to get around. I've been called the White guy because of it. I'm not Caucasian, I'm Hispanic. I just don't know the language. It's not my fault, don't hold it against me. I'm trying to learn it now." Andrew Tarango

"Language is always an issue in a community because it's one of the things that unites you as a people," said Amalia Villegas, a Phoenix College counselor and co-adviser to the Latino student organization A.L.E. (Associacion Latina Estudiantil).

"I'm half Latino and all of my friends are Latino, so people expect you to speak it,"[Will] McEntee said. "I wish I could, too, because people look at you like you're less Latino if you don't speak Spanish. It's crazy."

"A lot of Latinos expect you to speak Spanish and if you don't it offends them," said Jesus Chaidez, a 21-year-old justice studies major at Arizona State University. "They look at you like you're a sellout because you can't communicate in your people's native tongue."

The most striking element in this article is the repeated reference to 'our people', 'our native tongue', 'our native culture' by Amerikan citizens whose families have lived here for decades.

What's wrong with this picture? Every god damn thing.

Ivory Tower Self Segregation
| Front Page Magazine

Anyone who wants to get up close and personal with properly-hyphenated self segregation need look no farther than their nearest Ivory Tower. With graduation season upon us, we can view this for ourselves when schools from sea to shining sea perpetrate separate graduation ceremonies for blacks, Asians, Latinos and GLAAD BAAGs. A virtual who's who among the Ivory Towers perpetrate this racist farce: UCLA, Penn, Stanford, University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Vanderbilt University, Cal Berkeley, Washington University...the list is very long and growing longer each year.

At Penn, blacks have their own, racially-exclusive student center - Makuu Black Cultural Resource Center - plus their own racially-themed housing - W.E.B. DuBois College House. This school-sanctioned self segregation also exists for Asians and Latinos.

'...some opponents of affirmative action argue that although many of the nation's colleges now have substantial minority populations, those students often operate in parallel worlds that are frequently defined by race or ethnicity. They attend the same classes, these opponents say, but they often are members of separate fraternities, sororities and cultural centers, they study in separate groups, they eat at segregated dining tables and they unwind at separate parties...' (Front Page Magazine)

What happened to the vastly overrated bilge about 'diversity', an alleged compelling interest that mandates racial mingling as the be-all, end-all for a well rounded higher Educrap experience? Obviously, that only applies to whitey, but only if and when the properly-hyphenated come out from their racially-exclusive enclaves to enlighten these relentless oppressors. When this crap happens at private Ivory Towers, I can shrug it off, but when it happens at a state-sponsored, taxpayer funded higher Educrap cabal, I'm far from amused. Forcing me to pay for this bovine excrement is an obscenity. The only viable solution is to drop kick the fucking government out of the Educrap business...right god damn now!

Ivory Tower Games
| PIG News Wire

Unable to get a critical mass of so-called whites to worship at the immutable characteristics shrine, Ivory Tower way lefties decided to come at this pesky problem from a different direction. De-emphasizing 'melanin rules', they retooled to teach so-called whites to hate their own melanin-deficiency. This new Ivory Tower scheme is called 'Whiteness Studies' and its aim is imposing guilt on oppressors by teaching them to be ashamed of their inescapable 'whiteness'.

The pesky problem that bedevils the properly-hyphenated and their Ivory Tower mentors is the fun fact that so-called whites never self-identify based on their melanin-deficiency. By and large, oppressors identify themselves as individuals, first, after which they might add a political, philosophical or supernaturalist modifier. It's this dastardly 'individualism' crap that occurs in so many oppressors that rots the socks off the 'born a victim' brigade. How can you impose group guilt, if the alleged members of that group, don't even acknowledge that they belong to a group? You can't, so the first step is to brainwash these self-defined individuals into shedding a personal identity and putting on the group identity based on their 'whiteness'. When you succeed in doing that, then you're free to impose your vile definition on these 'whites' and bury them under a mountain of guilt.

The answer - in the fevered Ivory Tower Egghead brain - is obvious: first, we must teach oppressors to self-identify with their relentlessly oppressive 'whiteness', then we teach them to hate themselves for all the things Ethnocrats claim that 'whites' perpetrated. With white guilt secured, Ethnocrats are free to, legally, disenfranchise whiteness-motivated 'oppressors', by denying them jobs, education, and the birthright that grants them inalienable individual liberty. Make no doubt about it, given their way, these 'whiteness studies' clowns want to repeal the constitution and replace it with a scheme that allocates rights based on melanin-content and 'victim' status. The more melanin you have...the more victimism you claim, the more rights you get. Under this scheme, 'whites' aren't even citizens, meaning they have no rights whatsoever.

Bold new concept, but will it work? On a Marxist-dominated Ivory Tower campus, this is a slam dunk. The problem that plagues making this work in Amerikan society at large is the fun fact that most Amerikans - even the critical mass I call chronic parasites - view Marxism with unrelenting hostility. It's one of those unsophisticated, great unwashed things. Without this popular support, it's unlikely that Whiteness Studies will achieve it's tyrannical goals. Whiteness Studies' attempt to eradicate instinctive individualism from oppressors appears to be fighting a losing battle...for the moment, but it's much too soon to schedule a 'individualism rules' victory party.

A college education, in its most benign form, can greatly enhance an individual's entire life, in numerous vital ways. The college grad can, depending on the degree, expect to get a better job than their high school diploma packing counterpart. The college grad can, depending on the Ivory Tower, become enlightened on such non-job related subjects as literature, history, art, music, and other quality of life enhancing topics.

Tragically, most Ivory Towers abandoned the 'well rounded individual' model, decades ago, opting for the more familiar, group-centered, oppression-defined, multiculturally brainwashed model instead. Hating everything Western...Programmed to accept a group identity rather than an individual one...trained to instill cultural Marxism from sea to shining sea, today's college grad is, for the most part, a complete waste of breathable air. Unless you know, to a virtual certainty, that your chosen college practices 'benign' higher Educrap, you should seriously consider forgoing the torture and seek a degree from a nearby technical school, where knowledge, not propaganda, still reigns supreme.

In Their Own Words
| News Max

This News Max posting 'outs' Colonista hacks by shining a bright light on their beliefs. In their own words, here's the bitter truth:

Art Torres, California Democratic Party chairman, at the Latino Summit Response to Prop 187 at U.C. Riverside (Jan. 14, 1995): "Power is not given to you, you have to take it! People say to me when I was on the Senate floor, when I was in the Senate, why do you fight so hard for affirmative action programs. And I tell my white colleagues: because you're gonna need them. Remember, 187 is the last gasp of white America."

Antonio Villaraigosa, former speaker of the California State Assembly and present Los Angeles City Council member-elect, discussing Prop 187 with a KABC-TV, Los Angeles reporter (July 29, 1999): Reporter: "What happens to the will of the people?" Villaraigosa: "Well, the will of the people is something all of us have to respect, but when the will of the people is unconstitutional, the will of the people is null and void."

Mario Obledo, former California secretary of health and welfare and cofounder of Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), interviewed on radio station KIEV, Los Angeles (June 17, 1998): "We're going to take over all the political institutions of California. California is going to be a Hispanic state and anyone who doesn't like it should leave. If they [Anglos] don't like Mexicans, they ought to go back to Europe."

Gloria Molina, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, speaking at the 1997 Southwest Voter Registration Education Project: "We demand to be counted. And what we know as well is that the big giant that they keep talking about is awakening. And he's pretty angry about what's going on. Ya basta! [Enough!] This community is no longer going to stand for it. ...And our vote is going to be important. But I gotta tell you that a lot of people are saying, 'I'm going to go out there and vote because I want to pay them back.'"

Fabian Nunez, California assemblyman, at the Latino Summit Response to Prop 187 at U.C. Riverside (Jan. 14, 1995): "Each of you, get ten people to go with us on that march in Washington, D.C., and I guarantee you just as we mobilized 150,000 to the streets of Los Angeles on October 16, we will mobilize 1 million people and bring Washington to a standstill, and those rednecks that are out there making decisions for the betterment of their communities will think twice before they push forward anti- immigrant legislation against our community."

Given the shape it's in, Mexifornia is theirs, any time they want it. The question remains: how will the parasites support themselves when those evil Gringo deep pockets, those evil Gringo companies move out and leave them to 'do the best you can'? After their resounding success in Mexico - a place so miserable they continue to leave in droves - there's no reason to think they'll do any better in a Colonista Mexifornia. Let the Colonistas take over and Mexifornia turns into a Mexico City toilet, a Tijuana mega slum.

When that happens, these miserable, whining, leeches will invade another state, but, this time, they'll be greeted with the business end of an Abrams tank, not a bilingual welcome mat.

Diversity's Blind Spot:
Source |
Washington Times

Those who bellow loudest when they promote diversity are curiously silent when it comes to extending the same diversity requirements to all black or all female Ivory Towers. Diversity, it seems, is for whitey, because he's so egregiously, inflexibly racist. The properly-hyphenated, on the other hand, are beyond reproach and must never be held to that infamous whitey invention: the objective, one-size-must-fit-all standard.

An Ivory Tower-based melanin-enriched Ethnocrat explains it this way:

"Racial diversity is not a starting point for historically black schools. At Howard, for example, the diversity goal is in terms of offerings, removing the one-dimensional curriculum that students were exposed to years ago. If you view the mission and goal of the school in its richest way, it reduces itself not to skin color, but to shaping students who are committed to the elimination of oppression and guaranteeing equal opportunity and access." (Alvin Thornton, associate provost and political science professor at Howard University in Washington as cited by the Washington Times)

Alvin, dude, you can't have it both ways. Either you're "removing the one-dimensional curriculum" or you're "shaping students who are committed to the elimination of oppression...". What you refuse to admit is the fun fact that you're dumping one flavor of brainwashing for a more ethnically-correct chronic victimhood that will launch your melanin-enriched students on a perpetual, race-card flailing whiner career path. No wonder you don't want whitey around to see this Ivory Tower bovine excrement up close and personal.

Hip-Hop Comes To Harvard
| NY Times

After losing two melanin-enriched eggheads from its melanin-enriched cabal and nearly losing this cabal's inspirational leader, Henry Louis 'Skip' Gates Jr., Harvard's besieged African-American Studies department is retooling, adding new Ethnocrats, expanding new courses and combining with the school's African Studies department under the new name: African and African-American Studies department. Huge, huge fun.

Among the changes 'Skip' is perpetrating are these goodies:

Hired hip-hop maven, Marcyliena Morgan, from UCLA to 'teach classes on hip-hop and linguistics and be the director of the hip-hop archives, which includes T-shirts, videotapes of the early hip-hop artists practicing their art in basements in the Bronx and an extensive collection of CD's by rappers like Tupac Shakur and Public Enemy.' (Times)

Hired Abiola Irele, 'a critic of African literature in French' (Times)

Hired African linguist, Professor John Mugane, to 'direct the new African language program' (Times).

Some people have all the luck. Harvard Ethnocrats get to learn any, all, of Africa's 2089 languages, critically examine dark continent literature in Frog Talk, then chill out in a course on hip-hop. Damn, if that doesn't put these budding 'activists' on the fast track to Je$$e class success, nothing will. Ivory Tower Educrap never fails to amaze and amuse this pagan with their headlong flight from reality. We are, in this instance, very amused and find it highly appropriate that the leader of Harvard's Ethnocrat cabal is named 'Skip'.

What happened to the vastly overrated bilge about 'diversity', an alleged compelling interest that mandates racial mingling as the be-all, end-all for a well rounded higher Educrap experience? Obviously, that only applies to whitey, but only if and when the properly-hyphenated come out from their racially-exclusive enclaves to enlighten these relentless oppressors. When this crap happens at private Ivory Towers, I can shrug it off, but when it happens at a state-sponsored, taxpayer funded higher Educrap cabal, I'm far from amused. Forcing me to pay for this bovine excrement is an obscenity. The only viable solution is to drop kick the government out of the Educrap business...right god damn now!


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