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Wake Up, Infidels! The F.S.O.P. Declares The Infidel Insurrection Has Begun.
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There once was a thug named Brown,
Who bum-rushed a cop with a frown,
Six bullets later,
He met his creator,
Then his homies burnt down the town

Why Have Granola When You Can Have Some Grammy Tune In.
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Which Moonbat Deserves A One-Way Trip To Their Very Own, Self-Imposed Safe Space?

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Which Moonbat Deserves A One-Way Trip To Their Very Own, Self-Imposed Safe Space?

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Michael Moore*
Cancel Cultists
Kam-Ala Harris
Greta Thunberg
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 *Due To Intergalactic Freight Costs, Tonage, Limited Food &
Oxygen Supply, Michael Moore
Counts As Two Votes.

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PIG dusts off some of musics classics, turns up the volume and points our stacked amps and speakers out to the PIGdom. We don't care what Korrectniks, Nanny Staters, Kool-Aiders who, and any other asshats compelled to dictate what music we're allowed to hear. Myopic and tone deaf is no way to go through life, full of yourself Sparky

Our PIGish Playlist is just that OURS, so, if you're looking for Disco, Gangsta Rap, Barry Manilow, or Justin Beiber, you're not going to find them here. Our playlist. Our rules.

Fear not, PIGsters, we reserved a backstage pass for you.

Before we delve into some of the songs on our Politically Incorrect Playlist, we need to dispense with some devilish details.

* Christmas Carols are inherently politically incorrect ditty's which 'oppress' secularist, evangelizing atheists and Islamikazes.

* The Star Spangled Banner, The Marine Hymn, Anchors Aweigh - the official songs of all the military services, are inherently politically incorrect ditty's which oppress, pacifists, anarchists, and asshats who worship at the shrine of a world-encompassing government.

* In some cases the group's name is relentlessly inkorrect. The Dead Kennedys, Pearl Jam or Faster Pussycat are a prime examples. Black Sabbath is another example, since its name gives Cross Cultists a pain.

If you're looking for an objective 'this is what signifies inkorrectness' standard, or a set of inkorrectness defining criteria, good luck with that. Porcus and IHambo know it when we hear it, so - like it or not - you're a slave to our musical whims. The closest we can come to a entry criteria is this: if a song make us laugh, or elicits a 'holy crap!'or pisses off the 'right' people, it's worth further consideration.

Ready? Turn it up!


Ray Stevens
"Since Bubba Changed His Name To Charlene"
If a dudes pathetic attempt at pretending to be a women sicken you, you're in the right place

>>> Since Bubba Changed His Name To Charlene >>>

Richard Thompson
"Hunter Is In The Basement"
A very touching song about the Biden version of father/son bonding.
Warning: You may be moved to either reach for a hankie or barf bag

>>> Hunter's In The Basement >>>

Jason Aldean
"Try That In A Small Town"
Memo to BLM and Antifa....

>>> Try That In A Small Town >>>

Aaron Lewis (Staind)
"Am I The Only One"
Patriotic song that pisses off the left, and here's why we like it:

"Lewis’ patriotic fervor angered leftists like popular music blogger and longtime critic Bob Lefsetz, who wrote a scathing review of the tune.
“It’s HEINOUS!,” Lefsetz said. “This middle class, right-wing wanker has recorded a song that should have been played at CPAC, in between speeches by nitwits like Lauren Boebert saying to refuse the “Fauci ouchie.”

>>> Am I The Only One >>>

The Beach Bums - Bob Seger
"The Ballad Of The Yellow Berets (D. Dodger)"
This is Bob Seger with Doug Brown and the Omens.
The song is a parody of "The Green Beret" by SSGT. Barry Sadler. Note the "D. Dodger" songwriting credit on this sin

>>> Draft Dodgers >>>

"Whip It"
Song and video depict white male oppressor with bull whip. Conjures up images of Massa cracking the whip. This oughta piss off #Blacklivesmatter and other Ethnocrats.

>>> Whip It >>>

The Eagles
"Get Over It"
Dedicated to whiney ex-individuals whose feelings, attitudes and opinios mean more than any and everyone else's.

>>> Get Over It >>>

"Takin' Care Of Christmas"

>>> Takin' Care of Christmas >>>

DIVORCE: "Ex-Wife Song"

>>> Psycho Song About Ex Wives >>>

White Privilige:

This is how those so-called born with “White Privilege” types express themselves musically.

We suppose that according to Lib-tard professors with agendas who push and promote “White Privilege Studies” in order to inflict the myth that whites are by virtue of being born white would like to justify their pathetic existence, tenure and salary.

Disregard the commentary. This a White Privilige Thang, you might understand.

The Beatles
“White Album”

>>> The White Album >>>

Dirty White Boy

>>> Dirty White Boy >>>

White Zombie

>>> White Zombie >>>

Procol Harum
“A Whiter Sade Of Pale”

>>> Whiter Shade Of Pale >>

The Moody Blues
“Nights In White Satin”

>>> Nights In White Satin >>>

The Drifters
“White Christmas”

>>> White Christmas >>>

Vanilla Ice
“Ice Ice Baby”

>>> Vanilla Slush >>>

Wild Cherry
“Play That Funky Music (White Boy)”

>>> White Boys >>>

“Here I Go Again”

>>> Whitesnake >>>

Billy Idol
"White Wedding”

>>> White Wedding >>>

The Tubes
“White Punks On Dope”

>>> White Punks On Dope >>>

White Floyd*

>>> Money >>>

* White Floyd refers to Pink's brother who loves money and privilige.


Ditty: "Jesus Is Just Alright With Me"
Performed by: The Doobie Brothers
Who's Gonna Be Offended: Uptight whiners that don't get the reason for the season.

>>> Jesus >>>

Ditty: Beethoven's Fifth
Performed by: Edvin Marton
Sin Against Correctness: Compsition by Dead White (Deaf) Euro performed by Live White Euro
Who's Gonna Be Offended: Tone deaf Europhobes.
This one's for Hambo, who beleive it or not, has excellent taste in music.

>>> Beethoven's Fifth >>>


Ditty: The National Anthem
Performed by: Some Rifleman
Sin Against Correctness: Bluntly honest
Who's Gonna Be Offended: America-Hating Second Amendment Assaulting A-Holes.

>>> National Anthem >>>

Ditty: Black In America
Performed by: Smokey Robinson who gets too real
Sin Against Correctness: Bluntly honest
Who's Gonna Be Offended: Ethnocrats; History rewriters

>>> A Black American >>>

Ditty: Bang The Drum All Day
Performed by: Todd Rundgren
Sin Against Correctness: God Forbid! Some dude having fun.
Who's Gonna Be Offended: Slackers

>>> Bang The Drum >>>

Ditty: My City Was Gone
Performed by: The Pretenders
Sin Against Correctness: Shows how there is no such thing as 'Memory Lane" with the slow decay and deterioration of the American fabric and backbone in our little hometowns by the A-Whipes and Fat Cat sellouts that have no regard for it.

>>> My City Was Gone >>>

Ditty: Low Budget
Performed by: The Kinks
Sin Against Correctness: Exposes how the elected elite live at our expense.
Who's Gonna Whine: Me, you, and almost everyone we know that lives within their means.

>>> Low Budget >>>

Ditty: Thunderstruck
Performed by: 2Cellos
* A different twist and take on AC/DC's Thunderstruck. If you like head banging music played in an unorthodox manner, you'll like this

>>> Thunderstruck, Cello Style >>>

Ditty: Euphemisms
Performed by: George Carlin
Sin Against Correctness: Exposes how the English language and vernacular is being butchered and sugar coated.

>>> Euphemisms >>>

Ditty: Too Hot Too Handle
Performed by:UFO
Sin Against Correctness: Exploits women and excercises the evil male ego.

>>> Too Hot Too Handle >>>

Ditty: The Boston Driver Song
Performed by:The World Gone Crazy Band
No one is going to whine, but this is for Porcus O'Publisher's Wicked Pissa Chowhaaaah Head Boston Strong Friends

>>> Boston Driver Song >>>

Ditty(s): The Star Spangled Banner
Performed by: Madison Rising, Jimi Hendrix,
Sin Against Correctness: Who cares, turn it up.
Whose Gonna Whine: Faggy, Flea Bitten Flag Burners

>>> The Star Spangled Banner/Madison Rising >>>

>>> The Star Spangled Banner/Jimi Hendrix >>>

Ditties: Bitch, She's So Cold, Like My Dog
Performed by: The Rolling Stones, Billy Currington
Sin Against Correctness: Men expressing themselves in a musical mode.
Whose Gonna Whine: No-Naders, Womyn, Shrills, Nags, Bitches and WTF, forget it, dudes we all know what the songs mean, and when you play these, play them loud and proud in front of 'Her.'

>>> Bitch >>>

>>> She's So Cold >>>

>>> Like My Dog >>>

Ditty: Mr. Grinch
Performed by: Thurl Ravenscroft
Sin Against Correctness: Exposes yammering Yuletide wet blankets and cry babies
Whose Gonna Whine: Christmasphobes, anti-fun faggots and kill joys

>>> Mr. Grinch >>>

Ditty: Frankenstein
Performed by: The Edgar Winter Group
Sin Against Correctness: Showing what monstes some people can become
Whose Gonna Whine: Anti-Trick or Treaters, John Kerry's back alley plastic surgeon

>>> Frankenstein >>>

Ditty: School's Out
Performed by: Alice Cooper
Sin Against Correctness: Absolutely reeks of the spirit of individuality and free thought
Whose Gonna Whine: Nanny-State Educrats and public school union maggots

>>> School's Out >>>

Ditty: The Assumption Song
Performed by: The Arrogant Worms
Sin Against Correctness: Implies and suggests the use of potty language
Whose Gonna Whine: Tipper Gore and The PMRC slugs

>>> The Assumption Song >>>

Ditty: Lot's Of Them
Performed by: Queen and Paul Rodgers, live
Sin Against Correctness: People having fun. A big no-no in Korrectnik Land
Whose Gonna Whine: Pussies, wimps, tone deaf A-Wipes and Barry Manilow, Jay-Z and Beyounce fans.

>>> Cool Dudes Playing Cool Music >>>

Ditty: Lots Of Them
Performed by: Gary Sinise and The Lt. Dan Band
Sin Against Correctness: Who the Hell cares
Whose Gonna Whine: Our page, our playlist and we don't care.

>>> Lt. Dan Band, Part I >>>

>>> Lt. Dan Band Part II >>>

Ditty: Press One For English
Performed by: Rivoli Revue
Sin Against Correctness: Insensitivity towards Englishphobes
Whose Gonna Whine: Out right A-Wipes that can't won't or don't learn English

>>>Press One For English >>>

Ditty: Courtesy Of The Red White And Blue
Performed by: Toby Keith
Sin Against Correctness: Who Cares
Whose Gonna Whine: CAIR Coddling assholes, Colonistas, but then again, who cares, last time we checked, this is still America

>>> Courtesy Of The Red White And Blue >>>

Ditty: America The Beautiful
Performed by: Various artists
Sin Against Correctness: Every God Damned thing for America hating and hypersensitve Korrectniks and Hollywood types

>>> America The Beautiful >>>

Ditty: T.N.T.
Performed by: AC/DC
Sin Against Correctness: Promotes breaking and blowing things up.
Whose Gonna Whine: Pussy's, and Explosivephobic jerk-off wimps, who else?

>>> T.N.T. >>>

Ditty: Squeeze Box
Performed by: The Who
Sin Against Correctness: Objectifies the female anatomy
Who's Gonna Whine: Click the link and you'll know why nobody will. Tons of fun is a click away on this one, and if you look very closely at the last scene you can spot Hambo strutting his stuff.

>>> Squeeze Box >>>

Ditty: Illegal Illegals
Performed by: Fat Boy via truthforamerica.com
Sin Against Korrectness: Makes light of the illegal, border jumping plight.
Who's Gonna Whine: MALDEF, Aztlan...Basically, the whole Enchilada of Colonistas and their coddlers

>>> Illegal Illegals >>>

Ditty: Hot Rod Lincoln
Performed by: Commader Cody And His Lost Planet Airmen
Sin Against Korrectness: Celebrates the hot rod/car culture, a main contributor to a depleting ozone layer through fossil fuel burning automobiles
Who's Gonna Whine: The usual humor- and fun-less fossil fuel phobes and phonies, the no ozone zombies, and especially Prius owning pussies

>>> Hot Rod Lincoln >>>

Ditty: The Beatings Will Continue
Performed by: Larry Gatlin
Sin Against Korrectness: Points the finger at the expanding Nanny-State
Who's Gonna Whine: Tax and Spenders, Class Warriors, Occutards, Nanny-Staters, Behavioral Big Brothers and assorted Bureaucratic Bullies

>>> The Beating Will Continue >>>

Ditty: The No-No Song
Performed by: Ringo Starr
Sin Against Korrectness: Glorifies self-destructive, decadent drug and alcohol abuse.
Who's Gonna Whine: Burn Outs

>>> The No-No Song >>>

Ditty: A Dozen Roses
Performed by: Rodney Carrington
Sin Against Korrectness: Encourages free expression and fun for adults.
Who's Gonna Whine: Thin Sinned Tipper Gore, Humorphobes, Uptight Bible Thumping Morality Types.

>>> A Dozen Roses >>>

Ditty: Crazy Bitches
Performed by: Buck Cherry
Sin Against Korrectness: Contains explicit lyrics
Who's Gonna Whine: No crazy bitches we know of

>>> Crazy Bitches >>>

Ditty: The Girls On FOX News
Performed by: Austin Cunningham
Sin Against Korrectness: FOX leading the league in the babe factor, and they're babes with brains.
Who's Gonna Whine: Uglo-Tards, The Lame Stream Media Zombies, Blow Dried News Nit-Wits.

>>> The Girls On FOX News >>>

Ditty: We Saw Your Boobs
Performed by: Seth MacFarlane and The Gay Mens Chorus Of L.A.
Sin Against Korrectness: Exposing some humor and truth to uptight Hollywood narcissists on their special night.
Who's Gonna Whine: Humorphobes

>>> We Saw Your Boobs >>>

Ditty: The Bright Side Of Life
Performed by: Monty Python
Sin Against Korrectness: Makes light of death and Christ's crucifixtion.
Who's Gonna Whine: Religious Kool-Aiders.

>>> The Bright Side Of Life >>>

Ditty: Cult Of Personality
Performed by: Living Colour
Sin Against Korrectness: Shows that black dudes can do some headbanging music, too without selling out.
Who's Gonna Whine: Ethnocrats, Cult leaders, 'Hood Rats, Je$$e, the usual suspects, but not us.

>>> Cult Of Personality >>>

Ditty: Surfing With The Alien
Performed by: Joe Satriani
Sin Against Korrectness: Makes light of other life forms
Who's Gonna Whine: E.T. and Aliens? Yeah, right. As if!

>>> Surfing With The Alien >>>

Note: The following classical improvisations are performed by contemporary musicians, their way. We make no apologies for introducing classical music to members of the PIGdom.

Ditty: Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata and Some Country Tune
Performed by: Stuart Hamm
Sin Against Korrectness: Glorifies Dead White Europen Males' Accomplishments
Who's Gonna Whine: Probably Asians, that completely lack musical creativity. They ought to stick to piano and violin and copying the Dead White Europeans or try composing their own music.

>>> Moonlight Sonata >>>

Ditty: Concerto Suite - Adante
Perfomed by: Yngwie Malmsteen
Sin Against Korrectness: Already told you About Dead White Euro's and whose gonna whine.

>>> Adante >>>

Ditty: Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring
Performed by: Heaven And Earth and composed by J.S. Bach
Sin Against Korrectness: Violates and ruffles the feathers of hardcore musical and religious zealots because it was performed non-traditionaly.
Who's Gonna Whine: If anyone does, that's a major no-no on this page and we'll have security escort you out of the door.

>>> Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring >>>

Ditty: Titties And Beer
Sung by: Rodney Carrington
Sin Against Korrectness: Promotes decadent behavior which includes objectifying women.
Who's Gonna Whine: Nobody we know of, especially men AND women that love their titties and beer.

>>> Titties And Beer >>>

Ditty: Skeeter On My Peter
Sung By: David Allan Coe
Sin Against Korrectness: Everything
Who's Gonna Whine: Humorphobes and NO-NADS, but hey, that's why The F.S.O.P. likes it.

>>> Skeeter On My Peter >>

Ditty: Custard Pie
Sung By: Led Zeppelin
Sin Against Korrectness: Gee whiz, must we always explain?
Who's Gonna Whine: Gloria Allred and her NO-NAD squardon of Y-Naut shrills

>>> Custard Pie >>

Ditty: Hey Joe
Sung By: Jimi Hendrix
Sin Against Korrectness: Promotes the Second Amendent right to keep and bear arms.
Who's Gonna Whine: California Senator Diane Fuckstein and Joe "Little Pistol" Biden

>>> Hey Joe >>>

Ditty: Tush
Sung by: ZZ Top
Sin Against Korrectness: Exposes horny women for what they really are during Happy Hour and what they do with their on-the-hunt, new, Prince Charming.
Who's Gonna Whine: Not the dude that gets some 'Tush" but the overly guilt ridden Tush providing women the morning after, who got the shaft the night before.

>>> Tush >>>

A Christmas Double Header:

A Christmas Double Header:

Ditty: "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" and "12 Days of Heavy Metal Christmas"
Sung by: Twisted Sister
Sin Against Korrectness: Everything under the star from the East, including blasphemy, disrespects what most regard to be Christmas traditions and classics in the form of loud, unorthodox caroling. In other words, a bunch of Nutcrackers.
Who's Gonna Whine: Tone deaf, humorphobic, anal retentive Grinches

>>> Oh Come All Ye Faithful >>>

>>> 12 Days of Heavy Metal Christmas >>>

Ditty: "The Hanukkah Song"
Sung by: Adam Sandler
Sin Against Korrectness: One could say it exposes Jews who converted their birth names (sold their birthrights out to Hollywood) by changing their given names to more Anglo sounding names.
Who's Gonna Whine: Not us. We think it's a great honest tribute to our Jewish brethren, even if it was done by Adam ( I was funny for two minutes, a long time ago) Sandler. L'Chaim and Shalom, and if you're in the PIGdome, stop on by anytime for some Non-Kosher humor, pork chops and PIGish schtick

>>>The Hanukkah Song >>>

Ditty: "Going Ugly Early"
Sung by: Cledus T. Judd
Sin Against Korrectness: Objectifies barfly type, desperate, easy women, that just ain't got it unless dude is stone cold wasted and willing to take a one night(mare) stand with his new 'Princess'
Who's Gonna Whine: Whine? We don't think dudes on D Block would say no to any female, no matter what she/it looked like

>>> Going Ugly Early >>>

Ditty: "Put Your Clothes Back On"
Sung by: Rodney Carrington
Sin Against Korrectness: Offends ugly, desperate women and NO-NAD types. Oops! They're the same things.
Who's Gonna Whine: Midgets, humorphobes and hungover dudes.

>>> Put Your Clothes Back On >>>

Ditty: "America - Fuck Yeah"
Sung by: Team America
Sin Against Korrectness: Everything.
Who's Gonna Whine: Limp Wristers, CAIR, Cindy Sheehan, the usual scrap heap.

>>> America >>>

Ditty: "I'm In Love With My Car"
Sung by: Queen
Sin Against Korrectness: Violates Ecotard's and Al Gore's edicts about global warming and toxic emissions from fossil fuel burning automobiles that 'damage' the ozone and offends global warming wimps that have issues with combustible engines.
Who's Gonna Whine: The usual Hybrid driving homo's and pious panty waist Prius owners. But! Good news! No one here at the F.S.O.P. is going to whine, right?

>>> I'm In Love With My Car >>>

Ditty: "Coming To America"
Sung by: Neil Diamond
Sin Against Korrectness: Promotes individuality, enterprise and independence. The Big Three of ultimate no-no's in Korrectnikland
Who's Gonna Whine: Korrectniks, Obamaholics, Ivory Tower Eggheads, (Illegal) Colonistas, The United Nations.

>>> Coming To America >>>

Ditty: "Shoot To Thrill"
Sung by: AC/DC
Sin Against Korrectness: Implies that shooting, anything, is bad.
Who's Gonna Whine: Anti-2nd Amendment A-Holes that don't realize the song has nothing to do with firearms. Listen to the words and use your imagination.

>>> Shoot To Thrill >>>

Ditty: "God Bless The U.S.A."
Sung by: Lee Greenwood
Sin Against Korrectness: Declares patriotism for a land concieved in liberty.
Who's Gonna Whine: Marxists, Border Jumpers, you know, the usual suspects. Psst. If you like, please rise, remove all headgear and place your hand on your heart.

>>> Proud To Be An American >>>

Ditty: "Concert For New York City"
Sung by: The Who
Sin Against Korrectness: If music offends Islamikaze sympathizers after the 9/11 attacks, you bet the city of New York and The Who are on their shit/hit list.
Who's Gonna Whine: Not the survivng family members of those who perished that day and attended the show.

*Publishers Note: The Who came to America on their own dime and gave a benefit concert for Americans and New Yorkers as a goodwill gesture towards those that lost loved ones on 9/11.

>>> Concert For New York City >>>

Ditty: "Free Bird"
Sung by: Lynryrd Skynyrd.
Sin Against Korrectness: Everything that stands for freedom and independence
Who's Gonna Whine: Nobody that visits this page, that's who.

>>> Free Bird >>>

Ditty: "Thunderstruck"
Sung by: AC/DC
Sin Against Korrectness: Nothing, really, except that when played loud, it creates annoyance but you get the enjoyance.
Who's Gonna Whine: Let's see, Wimps, tone deaf morons, the usual bunch, but I know it won't be me or Hambo. Enjoy the clip. We did and do.

>>> Thunderstruck >>>

Ditty: "Dirty White Boy"
Sung by: Foreigner
Sin Against Korrectness: Everything that Ethnocrat Korrectniks hate
Who's Gonna Whine: One Toothed Trailer Trash Jerry Springer Show rejects.

>>> Dirty White Boy >>>

Ditty: "Kiss Me, I'm Shitfaced"
Sung by: The Dropkick Murphys
Sin Against Korrectness: Demeans the Irish and amplifies the stereotype that all Irish are drunk and horny...(Which they are, speaking from experience.)
Who's Gonna Whine: The usual dingbats that have no sense of humor, but we guarantee, we won't whine, plus, we like their name and attitude.

>>> Dropkick Murphys >>>

Ditty: "I'm A Man"
Sung by: Bo Diddley
Sin Against Korrectness: A man declaring his manhood with NO NAD shrews breathing down his neck.
Who's Gonna Whine: Well, no one we know of, male or female, anywhere, especially a good woman that can appreciate a good man.

>>> Bo Diddley >>>

Ditty: "Mr. Brownstone"
Sung by: Guns N' Roses
Sin Against Korrectness: Glorifying heroin use and corrupting" the children"
Who's Gonna Whine: Former junkies that want to save the world because they got the monkey off their backs and think everyone with a needle stuck in their arm should follow suit.

>>> Mr. Brownstone >>>

Ditty: "Making The Bombs"
Sung by: The Circle Jerks
Sin Against Korrectness:: People that can't stand the fact that America uses bombs to defend us. Freedom and First Amendment haters.
Who's Gonna Whine: The usual, limp wristed punk-ass suspects.

>>> Making The Bomb >>>

Ditty: "Money (That's What I Want)"
Sung by: Barrett Strong
Sin Against Korrectness: Advocates greed
Who's Gonna Whine: Occu-retards that want YOUR money because they have lots of their own, but are greedier than whatever they are protesting.

>>> Money >>>

Ditty: "Hot For Teacher"
Sung by: Van Halen
Sin Against Korrectness: Shedding light on the education system and nympho teachers.
Who's Gonna Whine: Me! I wish I had a hot teacher that gave me after school lessons.

>>> Hot For Teacher >>>

Ditty: "Toys In The Attic"
Sung by: Aerosmith
Sin Against Korrectness: Poking at mental defects and lunatics
Who's Gonna Whine: Joe Biden fans

>>> Toys In The Attic >>>

Ditty: "Stop And Drink It Over"
Sung by: Chris Gray
Sin Against Korrectness: Using alcohol as a crutch.
Who's Gonna Whine: Who cares. we're busy drinking.

>>> Drink It Over >>>

Ditty: "If You Want To Be Happy For The Rest Of Your Life"
Sung by: Jimmy Soul
Sin Against Korrectness: Offends both pretty and ugly women
Who's Gonna Whine: Tone Deaf Gendercrats & NO-NADs

>>> Happy >>>

Ditty: "Jalapenos"
Sung by: Belamy Brothers
Sin Against Korrectness: Offends Ethnocrats, GLAAD-BAG , Libtards, Marxists
Who's Gonna Whine: Not us

>>> Jalapenos >>>

Ditty: "I Fought The Law"
Sung by: Bobby Fuller Four
Sin Against Korrectness: Fosters rebelliousness and thinking outside the box.
Who's Gonna Whine: Tin Stars, Bible Thumpers

>>> I Fought The Law >>>

Ditty: "We The People"
Sung by: Ray Stevens
Sin Against Korrectness: Dares to question Obama Care
Who's Gonna Whine: Marxists, Korrectniks, Capitol Hill Clowns

>>> We The People >>>

Ditty: "The Great Reneger"
Sung by: Michael Fischer
Sin Against Korrectness: Exposes The One's Back Room Double Deals And The Back Stabbing Of America
Who's Gonna Whine: We All Know Who The Guilty Parties Are, The List Is Too Long

>>> The Great Reneger >>>

Ditty: "When Your Holding A Hammer Everything Looks Like A Nail"
Sung by: Brian Glover
Sin Against Korrectness: Questions Authority, Specifically, The One And His Hope And Change Cabal, Plus Takes The Tingle Out Of Chris Matthews' 'Tingle' Go Away
Who's Gonna Whine: Wealth Redistributors, Obama Zombies, Union Thugs, Occutards And Other Kool-Aid Drinking Zombies

>>> Hammer/Nail >>>

Ditty: "Short People"
Sung by: Randy Newman
Sin Against Korrectness: Promoting discrimination directed at 'Short People.'
Who's gonna whine: Midgets, dwarves, sawed-off runts, pipsqueeks, half-pints and other 'Little People' and their advocates. The whiners that have no sense of humor don't realize the song was a parody to illustrate the ignorance of extreme prejudice

>>> Short People >>>

Ditty: "Better Every Beer"
Sung by: Billy Yates
Sin Against Korrectness: Exposes the fact that beer can magically transform some women get prettier with every beer you drink.
Who's Gonna Whine: SHE will, in the morning when you and your hang over are long gone.

>>> Better Every Beer >>>

Ditty: "Daddy Had A Cardiac Momma Got A Cadillac"
Sung by: Billy Yates
Sin Against Korrectness: None. It's just a funny song
Who's gonna whine: Two-Timing husbands that get what they deserve

>>> Cardiac/Cadillac >>>

Ditty: "Smokin' In The Boys Room"
Sung by: Motley Crue
Sin Against Korrectness: Promoted rebelliousness, bad behavior, and smoking
Who's gonna whine: Second and third hand smoke Nazis, Educrats

>>> Smokin' In The Boys Room >>>

Ditty: "I'm Not That Drunk Yet"
Sung by: Chuck Allen Floyd
Sin Against Korrectness: The title of the song
Who's gonna whine: Womyn that can't get any action unless he's plastered

>>> I'm Not That Drunk Yet >>>

Ditty: "One Bourbon. One Scotch. One Beer"
Sung by: George Thorogood
Sin Against Korrectness: Advocating alcohol abuse and decadant behavior.
Who's gonna whine: Hardcore, uptight AA Nazi's

>>> One Bourbon... >>>

Ditty: "Pretty Good At Drinkin' Beer"
Sung by: Billy Currington
Sin Against Korrectness: Someone having a good time, without the permission of Korrectniks
Who's gonna whine: Not the guy named Porcus with lot's of beer under his arm heading your way.

>>> Pretty Good At Drinking Beer >>>

Ditty: "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off"
Sung by: Joe Nichols
Sin Against Korrectness: Objectifying "innocent" women by predatory men.
Who's gonna whine: Well...let's see. Um, well, I guess some sort of party pooper or stick in the mud.

>>> Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off >>>

Ditty: "Legalize It"
Sung by: Peter Tosh
Sin Against Korrectness: The overt use of marijuana, Reggae Style
Who's gonna whine: The "Just Say No" and "What about the children" watchdog creeps.

>>> Legalize It >>>

Ditty: "Free Bird"
Sung by: Lynyrd Skynyrd
Sin Against Korrectness: Pretty much anything that has to do with freedom and personal emancipation.
Who's gonna whine: Pretty much anyone that hates the notion of others being free, you know, the usual NO-NADS, Neo- Marxists and Kool-Aiders not mention Ethnocrats, as the band was know to display the Confederate flag as their shows

>>> Free Bird >>>

Ditty: "Short People"
Sung by: Randy Newman
Sin Against Korrectness: Promoting discrimination directed at 'Short People.'
Who's gonna whine: Midgets, dwarves, sawed-off runts, pipsqueeks, half-pints and other 'Little People' and their advocates. The whiners that have no sense of humor don't realize the song was a parody to illustrate the ignorance of extreme prejudice

>>> Eat It >>>

Ditty: "Basketball Jones"
Sung By: Cheech and Chong
Sin Against Korrectness: Promotes racial stereotypes; demeans obsessive/compulsive addicts.
Who's gonna whine? Ethnocrats

>>> Basketball Jones >>>

Ditty: "My Way"
Sung by: Frank Sinatra
Sin Against Korrectness: How dare someone croon about individuality and forging and living their life THEIR way with no interference from Big Brother.
Who's gonna whine: Nanny-Staters, who the f**k else, after all, they know better, right?

>>> My Way >>>

Ditty: "Take This Job And Shove It"
Sung by: Johnny Paycheck
Sin Against Korrectness: By telling your boss to stick it where the sun don't shine, puts you in the unemployment line, thus, not being able to contribute.
Who's gonna whine? Anyone strung out on welfare payments, food stamps, and basically anyone getting fat from your former income

>>> Take This Job and Shove It >>>

Ditty: "School's Out"
Sung by: Alice Cooper
Sin against Korrectness: Non conformity by the youths of America, forced to be warehoused in a government run babysitting institute for unwilling youths that dare to give the finger to authority figures.
Who's gonna whine: Gee whiz, do Educrats strike a chord, or, how about Orwellian types?

>>> School's Out >>>

Ditty: "We're Not Gonna Take It"
Sung by: Twisted Sister
Sin against Korrectness: Every Goddamn thing, at least according to our world.
Who's gonna whine: Liberty haters and Constitution re-writing puketards.

>>> We're Not Gonna Take It >>>

Ditty: "I Know What Boys Like"
Sung by: The Waitresses
Sin against Korrectness: This female band sold out "The Sisterhood" by revealing what women can do to men to get what they want from men
Who's gonna whine: No-Nads

>>> I Know What Boys Like >>>

Ditty: "My Big Ten Inch"
Sung by: Aerosmith
Sin against Korrectness: Female objectification
Who's gonna whine: Not any dude we know of and probably not a lot of women, either

>>> My Big Ten Inch >>>

Ditty: "Alcohol"
Sung by: Brad Paisley
Sin against Korrectness: Promotes alcoholism.
Who's gonna whine: MADD, AA, Moonshiners

>>> Alcohol >>>

Dittty: "A Boy Named Sue"
Sung by: Johnny Cash
Sin against Korrectness: Homophobic, since the song title 'mocks' transgenderism, and gender identity problems.
Who's gonna whine: GLAAD BAAGs

>>> A Boy Named Sue >>>

Ditty: "Johnny Are You Queer?"
Sung by: Josie Cotton
Sin against Korrectness: Homophobic
Who's gonna whine: GLAAD BAAGs

>>> Johnny Are You Queer? >>>

Ditty: "Money"
Sung by: Pink Floyd
Sin against Korrectness: Promotes greed
Who's gonna whine: Class warriors

Get away
You get a good job with good pay and you're okay
It's a gas
Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash
New car, caviar, four star daydream
Think I'll buy me a football team

>>> Money >>>

Ditty: "The Homecoming Queen's Got A Gun"
Sung by: Julie Brown
Sin against Korrectness: Glorifies gun violence, by a student, at a SCHOOL
Who's gonna whine: Educrats, Gun Control Cretins

>>> The Homecoming Queen's Got A Gun >>>

Ditty: "Taliban Song"
Sung by: Toby Keith
Sin against Korrectness: Islamiphobia
Who's gonna whine: CAIR, Dhimmis like Jihad Janet

>>> Taliban Song >>>

Ditty: "Midnight Choir (Mogen David)"
Sung by: Gatlin Brothers
Sin against Korrectness: Celebrates alcoholism among Urban Campers, Denigrates the homeless
Who's gonna whine: MADD, AA, Moonshiners, Bible Thumpers

>>> Midnight Choir >>>

Ditty: "Beat on the Brat"
Sung by: The Ramones
Sin against Korrectness: Glorifies child abuse
Who's gonna whine: Nanny State's child protection cabal

>>> Beat On The Brat >>>

Ditty: "Weed With Willie"
Sung by: Toby Keith
Sin against Korrectness: Glorifies drug abuse
Who's gonna whine: DEA and assorted other warriors in the war on drugs.

>>> Weed With Willie >>>

Ditty: "Destroy All Lawyers"
Sung by: Mojo Nixon
Sin against Korrectness: Promotes violence against a key Demoncrat constituency.
Who's gonna whine: DUH...Law degreed hooligans, of course.

>>> Destroy All Lawyers >>>

Ditty: "Ballad of Balad"
Sung by: Toby Keith
Sin against Korrectness: Islamophobia
Who's gonna whine: CAIR, Dhimmis like Jihad Janet

>>> Ballad Of Balad >>>

Ditty: "Mercedes Benz"
Sung by: Janis Joplin
Sin against Korrectness: Promotes the destruction of Mother Earth via conspicuous consumption.
Who's gonna whine: Class warriors, greeniacs, anarchists

>>> Mercedes Benz >>>

Ditty: "Get Out of My Car"
Sung by: Toby Keith
Sin against Korrectness: Rampant sexism
Who's gonna whine: Womyn, NO-NADS

Hey what would it hurt
To take off that shirt
Hey we've already come this far
Get outta your clothes
Or get out of my car

I got outta my clothes
She got outta my car

What's up baby
Bye bye darlin'
Strike 3

>>> Get Out Of My Car >>>

Ditty: "Fat Bottomed Girls"
Sung by: Queen
Sin against Korrectness: Promotes obesity.
Who's gonna whine: Michelle Antoinette, Food Nazis, anorexics

>>> Fat Bottomed Girls >>>

Ditty: "You Can Dress 'Em Up (but you can't take 'em out)"
Sung by: Mojo Nixon
Sin against Korrectness: Rampant sexism.
Who's gonna whine: differently pretty womyn, NO-NADs

>>> You Can Dress 'Em Up >>>

Ditty: "I Like 'Em Big And Stupid"
Sung by: Julie Brown
Sin against Korrectness: Mocks individuals with learning disabilities
Who's gonna whine: : Educrats, assorted advocates for slow learners

>>> I Like 'Em Big And Stupid >>>

Ditty: "Crazy Bitch"
Sung by: Buckcherry
Sin against Korrectness: Rampant sexism.
Who's gonna whine: NO-NADs, TFV twerps like Donald Wildmon

>>> Crazy Bitch >>>

Ditty: "Cold Hard Bitch"
Sung by: Jet
Sin against Korrectness: Rampant sexism.
Who's gonna whine: NO-NADs, TFV twerps like Donald Wildmon

>>> Cold Hard Bitch >>>

Ditty: "Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap"
Sung by: AC/DC
Sin against Korrectness: Bad for 'the children' because it glamorizes lawless behavior
Who's gonna whine: the usual 'it's for the children' suspects.

>>> Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap >>>

Ditty: "Squeezebox"
Sung by: The Who
Sin against Korrectness: Sexism
Who's gonna whine: NO-NADs, TFV twerps like Donald Wildmon

>>> Squeezebox >>>

Ditty: "Ice Cream Man"
Sung by: Van Halen
Sin against Korrectness:rampantly sexual
Who's gonna whine: NO-NADs, TFV twerps like Donald Wildmon

>>> Ice Cream Man >>>

Ditty: "No More Mr. Nice Guy"
Sung by: Alice Cooper
Sin against Korrectness: anti social
Who's gonna whine: Educrats, social engineers, and busybodies

>>> No More Mr. Nice Guy >>>

Ditty: "Don't Eat The Yellow Snow"
Sung by: Frank Zappa
Sin against Korrectness: The children
Who's gonna whine: The usual 'it's for the children' suspects

>>> Don't Eat Yellow Snow >>>

Ditty: "My Ding-A-Ling"
Sung by: Chuck Berry
Sin against Korrectness: Wank-a-rific
Who's gonna whine: NO-NADs, Traditional Family Values (TFV) twerps like Donald Wildmon

>>> My Ding-A-Ling >>>

Ditty: "Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll"
Sung by: Ian Dury and the Blockheads
Sin against Korrectness: Gives the children bad ideas
Who's gonna whine: Educrats, social engineers and busybodies

>>> Sex Drugs Rock And Roll >>>

Ditty: "The Rodeo Song"
Sung by: David Allen Coe
Sin against Korrectness:(Mean-spirited)
Who's gonna whine: anybody with no sense of humor

Well it's 40 below and I don't give a fuck,
Got a heater in my truck and I'm off to the rodeo

It's allemande left and allemande right
Come on you fuckin' dummy get your right step right
Get off stage you god damn goog you know

Piss me off, fuckin' jerk
Get on my nerves

Well, here comes Johnny with his pecker in his hand,
He's a one ball man and he's off to the rodeo

>>> The Rodeo Song >>>

Ditty: "The Bitch Is Back"
Sung by: Elton John
Sin against Korrectness: Sexism
Who's gonna whine: NO-NADs
Note: That IS Pamela Anderson in the clip

>>> The Bitch Is Back >>>

Ditty: "Stand By Your Man"
Sung by: Tammy Wynette
Sin against Korrectness: anti-feminist
Who's gonna whine: NO-NADs

>>> Stand By Your Man >>>

Ditty: "Breakin' The Law"
Sung by: Judas Priest
Sin against Korrectness: Bad for 'the children' because it glamorizes lawless behavior
Who's gonna whine: Educrats, social engineers and busybodies

>>> Breakin The Law >>>

Ditty: "I'm An Asshole"
Sung by: Denis Leary
Sin against Korrectness: Proudly individualistic
Who's gonna whine: anybody with no sense of humor, or, basically, assholes

>>> I'm An Asshole >>>

Ditty: "You're Breaking My Heart"
Sung by: Harry Nilsson
Sin against Korrectness: relentlessly snarky
Who's gonna whine: anybody with no sense of humor

>>> You're Breaking My Heart >>>

I like all the songs on this list, but I know its woefully incomplete. There are many, many more that belong on it, so I plan to keep on looking. Admittedly, we're just getting started, but the list is shaping up nicely. Why did we venture down this byway? We took this musical journey, because it amuses us. We also did it to show you that, once you start looking, you'll find entertainingly inkorrect gems, everywhere, in every discipline.

I'll wrap this one up, by picking what I consider the top 5 - based on enjoyment and inkorrectness - songs on our list.

Here are my top 5
'The Rodeo Song', by David Allen Coe.

'Johnny Are You Queer', by Josie Cotton

'Beat on the Brat', by the Ramones

'You're Breaking My Heart', by Harry Nilsson

'Get Out of My Car', Toby Keith

If you only track down one of these songs, it should be 'The Rodeo Song', because it, more than any of the others, exemplifies our attitude, here in the PIGdom.

Why not thrill the neighbors by sharing our PIGish playlist with them. Be proud...make 'em LOUD. It's the PIGish thing to do.




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