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Our Hero, Sergeant Pork, fresh off the front lines of the Afghani and Iraqi theatres, has been called in to lead a new coalition, appropriately dubbed, OPERATION: O.I.N.K.!

OPERATION: O.I.N.K. is an assignment unlike any other, as this time the enemy is operating on American soil. His assignment, to deploy operatives with the purpose of engaging in the ongoing struggle to liquidate the oppressive tactics of political correctness and other forms of domestic terrorism.

Pork will be working in concert with Agent Oink and Barbi Q. Ribs to lead a three-pronged assault as well as with a volunteer brigade which Pork hopes to recruit along the way.

There will be no dropping of warning leaflets out of aircraft for this campaign. However, Pork has made his objective list available to warn those responsible for the spread of the P.C. Plague:

• Educrats
• Ethnocrats
• Gendercrats
• Multiculturalists
• Colonistas
• Hollywood Elites
• Media Meatheads
• Assorted Shysters, Psycho-Babblers,
  Environmentals and the usual cabal of Coddlers,
  Enablers, Ex-Individuals, Hillary lovers and other
  Kingpins of Korrectness.

"May God help any gangbangers, dope dealers, vandals, taggers, pimps, scumbags, used car
salesmen, illegal invaders, undesireables and other low-rent characters that the coaltion may encounter on our Roadmap to Berkeley, U.N., whatever. After all, we want to keep America beautiful, too" Pork added.

"I am here to serve notice. You all know who you are, the American people know who you are, and most of all, I know who you are. Consider yourselves warned.", Pork asserted.

Major Campaigns: Pork has strategically pinponted the head of the snake on most U.S. college campuses and public schools. In a sweeping move, Pork & Co. will begin their Road Map to a Korrectness Free America campaign at the root of the problem, Berkley.

"I am sworn to defend America against all enemies, foreign and domestic, in this case, domestic. Our objective is to smoke 'em out of their Ivory Tower, government building, law office, classroom, newsroom left-wing, victim-hood, p.c. infested ratholes."

"Our campaign is going to make General Sherman's march to the sea look like a tea party", a determined Pork vowed. "There are too many young minds at stake. Our country's future is in the hands of these Korrectniks who have transformed our media outlets, courts, places of employment and especially our educational system into one big encounter group. The way they brainwash these kids, the boys act more like male NO-NADs, and the girls act more like truck drivers", a disappointed Pork related. "Don't even get me started on the Ethnocrats. All they are is a bunch of racists and separatists, hiding behind melanin-enriched skin" Pork asserted. "We will not rest until we liberate these individuals from the tyrannical brand of politically correct Liberalism that is being forced down their throats."

"But our job is not to editorialize, but to kick P.C., Leftist ass from Berkley to the United Nations and all Korrectnik encampments in between, and you can take that to the bank. I promise".

Asked what would occur if P.C. reared it's ugly head once his mission was completed, Pork had these immortal words, "I shall return!"

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